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A Taste of Home

We welcome you to Shenny’s Kitchen. While there are many reasons why you might miss home, we’ll make sure food is not one of them. Shenny’s Kitchen presents you with a fusion of East African and Indian tastes and delights. Through our food we tell the story of our passion and our love for our culture and heritage. We love what we do, and we welcome you along for the ride.


Welcome To Shenny's

Shenaaz (Shenny) and her family migrated to Canada from Tanzania, East Africa in 2013. Shenny was born and raised in Tanzania, and her roots come through in her cooking. She operated a catering business back home, where, over the years she honed her culinary skills and delivered savory dishes weaving East Indian and East African tastes, cuisines, and cultures seamlessly into just the perfect union. 

Shenny first started with baking cakes and pastries for holidays and special occasions but soon found her niche in discovering and recreating dishes that were new to the Tanzania palette and giving them her own unique twist. When the family went to restaurants for dinner, and if Shenny was presented with a dish unknown to her she wouldn’t hesitate to dissect the dish and a knack for recognizing flavors of different spices. That is how her famous “Chicken Pita” was born.

In Calgary, her home is affectionately called the ‘headquarters’ by her kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and extended family. Due to their busy schedules, the working adults in the family rely on Shenny’s weekly home-cooked meals. After work, we drive by and pick up our specials packed up with all the care and comfort of home. It’s our favorite part of the day. Our family is constantly fighting the Tupperware war, but her home-cooked meals are worth all the Tupperware drama and we are a very lucky bunch.

Through Shenny’s Kitchen, we are now sharing Shenaaz’s famous dishes with the rest of Calgary. We hope you enjoy the menu as much as we have over the years.


You Won’t Know Where India Ends, and Africa Begins.

At Shenny’s Kitchen, we use ingredients that are authentic to the origins of the recipe, even sourcing some of the ingredients all the way from Tanzania. We believe in delivering an authentic experience, and that sets us apart from the rest. Bring the bold flavors of Shenny’s Kitchen to your home, workplace, or event. We provide a unique offering of authentic East African & Indian cuisine made with fresh natural ingredients and a home-cooked feel.
Come enjoy our wide selection of traditionally cooked meals, snacks, desserts to our grilled meats, and famous beef ribs all served with fresh sides like mogo (cassava), masala fries, and naan.






Kama Nyumbani.


What People are Saying


“Bringin back memories”

“Excellent Zanzibar mix, very tasty bajias, and bateta wada. Haven’t had anything like this in Calgary. Now about the Cassatta ice cream, very tasty reminds me of Arlichino’s in Dar. Thank you for bringing memories back for me”

Satisfied Customer


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

“Perfect packaging, great portions, fabulous food and flawless service. Everything tasted just like back home.”

Satisfied Customer


“Sell your pilipili mbuzi and brand it”

“I’m a true African at heart.. and from what I tasted yesterday you will do well. I would suggest you sell your pili pili mbuzi sauce and brand it.. I would order it right away for my friends and family..”

Satisfied Customer



“It was amazing!! Just finished our bowl for dinner. Totally reminded me of home and Mzizima! Thank you ❤️”

Satisfied Customer


Shenny's Specials

Authentic East African dishes prepared with exotic spices, traditional
techniques and pure love for the fork and knife game.

Zanzibari Mix

Known for our legendary Zanzibari Mix, one of the most famous street foods of Tanzania/Zanzibar. A bowl of smooth and tangy chickpea flour-based sauce accompanied by crispy bhajias and fried mashed potatoes (kachoris), a spoon of coconut chutney, a dash of Shennys’s Original Hot Mbuzi chutney and a scoop of crispy shavings sprinkled on top.

Signature Chicken Pili Pili

Extra crispy, spicy East African style chicken served with a choice of seasoned mogo or masala fries, or wagarela bateta.

Bongo Cassatta

A twist on the classic Italian cassata but genuinely East African. Enjoy this delectable rich dessert with chocolate sauce and peanuts if desired. You’re welcome!

We Cater

Bring the bold flavours of Shenny’s Kitchen  to your home, workplace or event. We provide a unique offering of authentic East African & Indian cuisine made with fresh natural ingredients and contemporary flair.

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1.00PM - 3.00PM


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1420 40 Ave NE #10, Calgary, AB T2E 4P9, Canada

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